Macquarie University is committed to maintaining the highest standards of 研究 道德 and integrity, and has thus embedded a culture of professional and responsible 研究 practice across all disciplines and faculties. The 研究 Ethics and Integrity teams support and promote responsible 研究 practices through the provision of resources, 引导与教育.

  • 科研诚信

    麦格理(Macquarie), we aim to promote and support responsible 研究 practices by providing resources and guidance to our 研究ers.

  • 人类研究伦理

    All 研究 with human participants must adhere to the National Statement on Ethical Conduct in Human 研究 (2007).

  • 动物伦理

    We are strongly committed to supporting the care and welfare of 动物s; and the ethical conduct of people who work with 动物s for scientific 研究 purposes.

  • 政策

    If you are intending to conduct any 研究 at Macquarie, you must comply with a series of policies and guidelines.

  • 生物安全

    生物安全, biosecurity and gene technology

    Making bold discoveries means 研究ers need to work with hazardous materials. Read how we ensure these materials are minimised, managed and disposed of correctly.

  • 化学


    化学s and substances that have the potential to harm human health, property and the environment. Find out about our induction on hazardous chemical safety.

  • 激光安全


    激光s produce a high-intensity beam which can cause damage to eyes and the skin. Learn about our commitment to the safe use of laser products both on and off campus.

  • 辐射


    The ultimate aim when working with any source of radiation is to minimise the doses that staff and students receive. 阅读我们正在采取的行动.

  • 国家安全与国防

    Learn how Macquarie assists staff in complying with Australian legislation and national security and defence guidelines.



研究ers and 研究 students are strongly encouraged to monitor the latest COVID-19 news from the 新南威尔士州政府.

Find out more about COVID-19 and potential impacts to Macquarie University students and staff at MQ - COVID-19最新信息.

Contact the 研究 Ethics and Integrity teams

It is business as usual for the 研究 Ethics and Integrity teams. While we work remotely, we continue to provide guidance and support for our 研究ers. Kindly direct your questions to the contact details provided below.

电子邮件: 研究.integrity@wuxijuhui.com

或者,你可以联系 研究诚信顾问.

电子邮件: 道德.secretariat@wuxijuhui.com

电子邮件: 动物.道德@wuxijuhui.com


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